About us

We are on this earth to revolutionise business, leading change across multiple industries and sectors with our unique approach.

We pride ourselves on being different. We are focused on a world where the customer is in control and is always connected.

Our business gives customers a competitive edge, putting the power back in their hands.

Guru is all about being different and flexible. We lead change and evolution in what is a pretty stagnant marketplace. Everything we do, we do it with the customer in mind and have a real sense of pride associated with every single customer interaction delivered under our special brand. We are different, we are Guru.

John Bennetts – Director

People are at the heart of everything we do, with our staff becoming our family, our suppliers becoming our partners and our customers becoming our friends. We want everyone associated with the company to share in its growth and success in every way possible.

We want our business to be renowned for offering unparalleled opportunity for all, and help us shape futures and change the lives of everyone connected with the business. Our company will be a catalyst in giving our people confidence, experience, development, and a fantastic education overlaid with a fun, fresh and energetic approach to doing business.

Our why

We want a business full of talented people, whose passion is to deliver for our customers every single time, under any circumstance.

We want to ensure that our people have an unyielding sense of pride associated with every interaction under our brand and have a sense of devotion and purpose about their work.

Our measure for success will be the pride associated with every customer relationship, their personal recommendation and the strength in depth of our supply chain and how invested and committed our partners are to our own business journey.

Meet the management team

Arran Kirton


John Bennetts


Peter Allen

Operations Manager