Guru’s host of security products will cover all aspects of hardware, software and data for all your devices. We will fully understand your businesses ambitions and make sure that the foundations of your growth are underpinned with the highest levels of security products available for your estate. We can help provide support with phishing, cyber security, tracking, set up and monitoring of devices, data management, reporting, profiling and provisioning of your fleet devices remotely.

“Security for your fleet has never been more vital for any organisation. As threats to company data have increased by 150% in the last 2 years, you wouldn’t dream of leaving your laptop open and unprotected in a restaurant or cafe, nor would you leave your bank card with its pin number on a post it note anywhere. Why allow potential access to your data through work mobility devices? Don’t allow your staff to walk around with sensitive data in their pockets, without having the right degree of security in place!”

Peter Allen – Operations Manager