Companies require mobile communications solutions that can service evolving business needs and deepen customer relationships. Guru’s mobile portfolio ensures that wherever or whatever your doing, you are always connected and have the ability to have the mobile voice and data services you need to continue growing your business and being successful.

Cloud hosting

In this day and age companies need the agility to work from anywhere in the world, whilst keeping a consistent system in place to make, receive and transfer calls. Our Guru portfolio of hosted systems included a variety of options covering key elements like Teams, international calling, instant messaging, CRM integrations and video conferencing. We have options to build a system for any size business in any industry.


We provide the fastest and most reliable broadband solutions in the market. We supply complex SD WAN and MPLS services UK wide and also more traditional forms of broadband such as FTTC and FTTP. All of our services are implemented to the highest standards and have a 99.9%> uptime.


Being able to access email, work chat and documents on the go is incredibly powerful, but it’s important to take security precautions with any system. If employees are trusted with sensitive data in their pockets, then your business needs to be secure. Guru will take the time to understand what you need and our vast portfolio of options will ensure your business is well covered 24/7.


Looking to migrate to the cloud? Interested in service desk support or Office 365 products? Do you need to order hardware or perform an audit? Guru’s IT team are here to help with simple daily IT challenges with help from our service desk, through to complex business IT implementations and engineering project work. We offer the highest skilled and accredited people, in a professional but personable fashion.